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Monday, June 14, 2010

Albatross "Baby" Pictures

photo by Solar Navigator
I really enjoyed the albatross chick pictures that Auntie Moana and Edward have posted.  Soooo: I decided to find more pictures that would show albatross at younger stages -- "baby" pictures!  To begin with, here's a picture of an albatross egg.  I guess if I were really scientific, I'd have a metric ruler in this picture to show how big it is...but it was more fun to put my sunglasses in the picture.  The egg is A LOT bigger than a chicken egg, as you can see in this picture with the can of Coke!

Laysan Albatross chick photo (c) Roseanne Tackaberry
My friend Rosanne from Canada took these pictures of baby albatross in March 2009; aren't they wonderful?!  The photo on the left shows a Laysan Albatross (LAAL) chick sitting in its nest.  I think it might be waiting to be fed by either its mom or dad.  They're probably both out fishing in the North Pacific Ocean.

Black-footed Albatross chick photo (c) Roseanne Tackaberry

This picture on the right shows a Black-footed Albatross chick that is being fed.  It doesn't look very different from the LAAL chick, does it?

Isn't it funny how it looks as if both chicks have had their down frosted?!

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