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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Marine Debris: Auntie Moana's Little, Green, Square Thing

Kden, there's been FOAM posts about marine debris from Uncle Ulua, Barb and Kahiko Ladu.  Now listen to me.  We albatross have plenny problems with marine debris.

fresh bolus from a Laysan Albatross
In fact, my own family had a near-death because of the rubbish.  My brother's granddaughter's cousin's son, Junya (Junior) Kai, almost died of dehydration because of marine debris!  His dad Kawika (my cousin's...oh neva mind) didn't know how to tell the difference between da kine food and floating plastic.  So, Kawika brought back marine debris, instead of squid and fish eggs, to feed Junya.  Well, me and his wife, Mōlī, gave him a talking to.  Now Kawika knows, and everything's OK.  You can read about the family's story in "Auntie Moana (yup: dat's me!) Saves The Day", a readers theater script that Barb wrote.

dissected Laysan Albatross bolus
Anyway, guess what?  Today my neighbor coughed up a bolus.  (A bolus is sorta like what those birds, owls, cough up -- a pellet, which has lotsa mouse dem bones.  We albatross cough up a bolus that normally has squid beaks and maybe some pumice, floating volcanic rocks, in it.)  These 2 pictures show what the bolus our neighbor coughed up looked like, both fresh when it first came up, and den after Barb opened it up, what you call "dissected" it.  Notice any marine debris?  Duh, yeah!  But the good news is that our neighbor coughed it all up; no more in his stomach!

In the 2nd picture, all the plastic da kine is on the left, and all the squid beaks and natural stuff is on the right.  Plenny junk, huh?  But look at that little, greenish, square t'ing in the upper left corner.  Anybody know what that is? ............

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Barb said...

Hi Auntie -- I've seen those little, green, square things, too. In fact, Adam and I found 3 of them in the marine debris survey we did just this past Friday. I'll go write a post about it now, and include some pictures. A hui hou!